Interac IPN (Instant Payment Notification)

Interac IPN will automatically send a webhook notification to a URL of your choice instantly as you receive an Interac payment, allowing you to automate the delivery of goods or services upon payment from your customers. Interac IPN listens silently in the background, constantly monitoring incoming Interac notifications via email and converts those to usable webhook notifications for your organization.

How does Interac IPN help in automating my business?

Historically, if you've accepted payments via Interac you've needed to actively monitor your email to tell when someone has sent a payment, and only then you could provide your service or deliver goods. Interac IPN will take care of these manual parts for you, generating a developer-friendly webhook notification when a payment is received so you can automatically mark an order as paid and instantly carry on with next steps.

Interac IPN saves you time and improves your customer experience

We save you time by eliminating the need to manually check for received Interac payments, which can be integrated with your product seamlessly. This makes for a more pleasent customer experience as they can receive what they paid for immediately without needing to wait for you to be at your computer or for any kind of manual approval.

Interac IPN is not associated with Interac Corp.